Completed CAD Designs

Displaying Artistic Designs At The Very Beginning Of Our Customer Journey…

Mr & Mrs Stillings had enough of their tired bathroom and now searching for the WOW factor.

On York Bathrooms initial site measure, it immediately became apparent that the curved wall was going to be challenging, luckily we sourced a small mosaic design to work along the curved wall which was a colour match to the large format tile shown in the image.

The project was the forth bathroom refurbishment we carried out for this client, therefore the customer new exactly what they would get regarding a quality managed service.

We provided a modern, spacious feel, with storage and a modern grey finish, we added a vitra wash basin storage, kaldewei bath, digital divert shower – We needed to really light up this room, using high powered energy saving LED lights as the natural lighting was sparse.

The customer as well as the teams at York Bathrooms were delighted with the modern overall finish in keeping with the exclusive apartment in York, the installers ensured they were thoughtful to service areas as you can appreciate lots of trips backwards and forwards with materials – we were really happy with the feedback we received.

A Selection Of Pictures Showcasing The Completed Bathroom Installation…