Completed Traditional Bathroom

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Traditional Bathroom Designers

Mr & Mrs Morris were unhappy with their poorly fitted bathroom, 12 years later they wanted to task the design team at York bathrooms to integrate storage and have a seamless fitted look.

Finding a bathtub that had enough space to fulfill the requirement became a challenge, and also there was a high requirement to have a shower with specific space.  Space became the challenge, however the team overcame this using a Carron shower bath, wider at one end and tapered at the other, and a perfect solution.

Previously there was just a tiled wall, so we a created a full high stud wall to create a recess housing for the control, and creating practical storage, the internal soil stack was moved along with the w/c (expert plumbing skills were required).

Mr & Mrs Morris chose neutral polished porcelain, which blended well with a backlit mirror feature, giving an ambient setting of low-level lighting.

Overall we felt it was a superb test of skills and a highly successful finish, we were absolutely proud of the team and then we were commissioned to carry out 2 further projects from Mr & Mrs Morris.

Completed Traditional Bathroom

A Selection Of Pictures Showcasing The Completed Bathroom Installation…