Completed Modern Design

A Selection Of Pictures Showcasing The Completed Bathroom Installation…

Bathroom Storage A Must

Our customers come to us to look generally for inspiration to convert tired bathrooms into workable but stunning places to prepare them for their day.

So when undertaking this task we had to bring in ideas to bring a stunning dream to reality with the requirement of storage!

We were required to created a design of the current layout, investigations of large storage units, upon the investigation, we realized we could achieve a better layout, which is exactly what the client required, after countless options on tile choice, the client found the colour they wanted, and selected storage, bespoke craftsmanship was required here…

The finish was a unique natural stonewall with floor, space, elusion of space had been created.

At York Bathrooms the designers are always trying to add twists in anything they can add, as twist from usual way of filling the bath tub, we decided to construct, a side shelf, in order to mount h/c valves and to create a tapless process, ideal for children.

Finally, we added a digital shower and control and kaldewei shower tray featuring a practical recess shelf.

The bathroom installers and the design team were so pleased that we could deliver this unique experience in the timescale required.

Mr & Mrs Gillderdale are really happy with their new shower room.