Completed CAD Designs

Displaying Artistic Designs At The Very Beginning Of Our Customer Journey…

Small bathroom ideas york

Miss Jackson commissioned us to turn a small en-suite, shower room with carpet into a large open shower enclosure as you we get to see in many of our case studies we specialise in doing this.

Our designers delivered a design to encounter space and functionality; we extended the studwork wall so we could anchor the glass panels, this became apparent that this was the only design to work to match the customer’s requirements.

The shower size area tripled in comparison to the previous one.

Miss Jackson and the York Bathrooms team were elated with the illusion of more space, the polished matching wall and floor bounced the light around from the room, with the addition of clever lighting solutions in the recess in the wall and wash basin unit gave a stunning modern finish to a well planned project.

Great end result for a small room.

A Selection Of Pictures Showcasing The Completed Bathroom Installation…